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Find The Perfect Shirt

Our GANT shirts are designed in order to flatter every body type. The shirt is the cornerstone of any stylish ensemble, and selecting the right size and fit is paramount to making a great impression. We’re here to provide you with the guidance you’ll need to achieve this, and how to decide on which occasion to wear which shirt. If that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be offering styling advice and tips on how to take care of the most foundational item in your wardrobe.

Size & Fit Guide

The shirt maketh the man – and the woman. That’s why the right shirt size and fit, when it comes to your personal style, is of the utmost importance.

Shirt Occasion Guide

A classic dress shirt works for men and women, at work and play. But that doesn’t necessarily mean just throwing one on. Let the occasion, and the sartorial expectations around it, set a few guidelines.

Men's shirts

Women's shirts