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People are at the core of everything we do. From our suppliers to our employees to our customers, it’s the people behind the brand that define us, so it’s critical to respect and support those we depend on. Our vision is that by 2030, GANT will be an equal company building pride across all touchpoints. In line with the Never Stop Learning credo, we will continuously educate ourselves and others, striving to give people opportunities to evolve and reach their full potential.

We’ve set three targets in this area:

  • 100% of factories in risk countries will be audited by a third party.
  • 100% transparency on all suppliers in tier 1 and strategic partners in tier 2 by 2023.
  • Include 100% of suppliers in Tier 1 and strategic partners in Tier 2 in social compliance programs by 2023.

Social compliance & Code of Conduct

Building long-term relationships with our suppliers has always formed a natural part of GANT's heritage. We believe in mutually respectful, cross-cultural communication and we engage in open dialogue to ensure that our sustainability continues to improve.

Modern Slavery Act

As a company built on its beliefs, we strive to stay true to ourselves as individuals and to follow our corporate core values. We take responsibility for our actions and the impact that they have.

Grievance & corruption

To ensure that we mitigate corruption both within our own operations and across the supply chain, anti-corruption measures are integrated in our Code of Conduct, Code of Ethics and in the Bribery Policy.